The Work of Artist Peter Etril Snyder currently listed as “Licensing Available” on this website is available for consideration for a Rights Managed Licensing agreement. 

As the copyright owner, all inquiries for potential licensing agreements are subject to my approval. 

Some forms of available license agreements are: Publishing (Print), Publishing ( digital), Advertisements ( T.V.), Advertisements (Digital), Advertisements (Print),  Promotional, Packaging, Merchandise, 

Throughout the decades Pete delved into this market on various levels with products ranging from prints to collector plates and beyond. These various ways of reproducing his work not only expanded his brand, they also allowed many people that may not have been able to acquire an original painting the experience of enjoying his work in their homes.  

 As the owner of Cynthia Weber Design my custom interiors business, I have insights and experience in the decorative market and look forward to exploring both traditional and innovative ways of showcasing Pete’s work. 

My uncle was very clear that he wanted his work to continue on and It is my intention to do just that.

“My niece, Cynthia has taken over my library of images. My hope is that my work and it’s further application does not die with me.”  

Peter Etril Snyder

Please contact me with all questions about use of images and  Reproduction / Licensing opportunities at [email protected]   

Whether you represent a corporation looking for beautiful unique gifts that reflect and enhance your company, a manufacturer looking for an image to use on a product or an individual wanting to discuss a special piece designed around a favourite painting, all projects are given due consideration.

To read the backstory on my working relationship with my Uncle:

To see images available for licensing in various formats.



*Copyright for the complete works of Peter Etril Snyder are owned by myself, Cynthia Weber and as such, permission to use any image in any form for any purpose must be granted through me directly. Please email me at: [email protected] with your request.