Many people visit the website hoping to find a painting to purchase and I appreciate the high level of interest in acquiring an original Peter Etril Snyder painting. At this time there are no paintings available. I have begun a waiting list for paintings should they become available. Please email me to be added to the list. Include the general size and subject matter you are most interested in so I can make note of it.

There have also been many inquiries about purchasing prints and I am very pleased to announce that the new Family Heritage Edition Prints will be available in the Fall of 2019.

Feel free to email me with general inquiries about the website, reproductions/prints, licensing inquiries or use of images requests.  

*Copyright for the complete works of Peter Etril Snyder are owned by myself, Cynthia Weber. Permission to use any image in any form for any purpose must be granted through me directly.

My email is: