Throughout the decades of Pete’s career he was commissioned to do many pieces. Whether corporate or private, every project was undertaken with pleasure.

Although Pete is no longer with us I feel it is very valuable to keep record of how he worked as a reference for future generations.

These commissioned works ranged greatly in price.

In addition to the four basic categories outlined below there were several major works done in mural form. One of the largest murals ever commissioned was the 5’ x 15’ piece titled Spirits of Canada done for the National Trust. In an interview given in 1997 Pete disclosed that the piece sold for $200 000.00.

Throughout his over 50 year career my uncle retained copyright to all of his work including commissioned pieces. In 2016, the year before his death, my uncle transferred his copyright into my hands. It is an honour and a privilege I do not take lightly. To learn more about reproductions and art licensing please follow this link.

Here in Pete’s own words are the basics of how he worked with commissioners.

“Over the years I have painted many commissions and so I’ve developed an easy approach to this process. I wish the person for whom I am creating this work to see the painting as it develops so that I can make sure that I am fulfilling their dream.

Commissions divide into four basic categories. I should stress that each commission I consider on its own merits, realizing that there are many factors that make up the pricing. I welcome the opportunity to talk to you about any idea that you might have for a personal painting. Very often the price and the result are directly related to just how good the photographic information is. Although size is a factor in my pricing approach, I look much more closely at complexity and difficulty.

The first category in the thousand dollar range is what I call a sketch/painting. These paintings are full-colour acrylics produced in a watercolour style. Sometimes I use ink as well as acrylic for these pieces. I would consider producing a sketch/painting from travel photographs provided by the customer.

In the second category, a full-fledged acrylic in a larger format is normally a landscape or perhaps a pet subject. The price tag for this group is approximately $5000.

In the third category in the $10,000 range, the painting is more complex, perhaps having a number of figures or animals set in a landscape. I am well known for historical subjects that would fall into this category. Part of the price for something of this type, whether historical or not, is the need for research. This research often involves archival material and hence takes a good deal of time and effort. Portraits normally fall into this price category.

The fourth category in the $15,000 range normally is a complex painting with many figures, animals, buildings and landscape. For a painting this complicated I prefer to paint in a larger format.

In all cases reproductions can be made available.”

This is just a partial listing of commissioned paintings.

Each piece will link through to the details page for further information.

All images on the following list are available for licensing.

Community Service This painting was commissioned by the Waterloo Regional Police, but paid for by the supplier of Harley–Davidson Motorcycles. 

Beginning Of Sommers

Schneider House, Kitchener This painting of the historic Joseph Schneider House on Queen Street in Kitchener is a re-creation of those pioneer times when this area was just getting established. My great-great-great grandfather was a brother of Joseph’s.

Aiming For The Future a 1930’s depiction of the 13th hole at Westmount Golf Course Kitchener. Commissioned by the Ross Dixon Organization, this image talks about the need to prepare for the future while enjoying today.

Looking Back Panasonic Canada commissioned commemorative piece to celebrate the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of that company coming to Canada. To show the Japanese-Canadian connection, young hockey players were incorporated into the piece. The setting is Dundas Street in Toronto as it was in the early years of Panasonic in Canada.

Humble Beginnings The employees’ association commissioned this painting to recognize the early days of their employer, Kuntz Electroplating Ltd. Presented at the annual Christmas party to the President, Paul Kuntz, and his brother, the Board Chairman, Robert (Bob) Kuntz, this painting brought forth some tears from the Kuntz brothers. It was emotional because the image shown is the first small plant started by their father. A careful look reveals a football helmet (Bob’s) in the rear window of the green car.

new beginning image 1971

New Beginning I was commissioned by the North Waterloo Farmers Insurance Company to develop a painting for their 125th Anniversary. Part of this piece was painted at the company’s booth at the Royal Winter Fair.

Dancing With Friends at The Millennium This mural was commissioned to celebrate the millennium. It is a large work, 26 feet long, that creates a background for a ballroom in the clients’ house. 

Parasaurolophus A commission to portray a landscape of the Cretaceous period that featured the dinosaur, Parasaurolophus. Unusual to say the least, this portrayal of North America shows a time 76 – 55 million years ago. Including troodons and pterodactyls, I composed an animated scene that portrays not only the creatures but also their interaction. Painted over the space of seven weeks, this canvas now occupies a place at the Earth Sciences Museum at the University of Waterloo.

Shantz Homestead The focus of this painting, circa 1920, is the family’s dairy wagon. The site was the homestead on the present Ottawa Street, Kitchener. A big-box centre now replaces this farmyard. It was also important to the family that I include their 1917 Auburn near the house. This painting was made very special for me when the wife of the man who received the painting told me this, “I have been married to this man for well over 60 years and this is only the second time that I have seen him cry.” Clearly this painting brought back many more memories than I could have imagined. I was happy that my piece was so well received as these people have been collectors of my work for over 30 years.

Store; This painting was commissioned by the son of this store-keeper, and was designed to show the humanity of this couple who spent many years tending this cigar store. Located near the Kitchener train station at the corner of Water and Victoria streets, the store really was their home and many friends visited them there.

isle skye

Isle of Skye This painting was commissioned for a man who flew night missions in W.W. II. His heart is still clearly in Scotland, even though he has lived here all his life. It is not unusual for a person to commission a painting of a personal spot, a dream perhaps.

Elmwood Memories This commissioned painting tells the story of a farm family. A usual Sunday afternoon included a stop at the fields to do a progress report on their cattle. This painting is rather complex because of the inclusion of so many pieces of nostalgia, in addition to the family itself. Clearly this piece, which is very popular, speaks directly to people who were brought up on a farm.

Griffith Island Lighthouse This landmark was part of a set of five paintings commissioned by a member of a sporting club that owns this island in Georgian Bay, not far from Owen Sound, Ontario.