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This website is intended as a place to view my paintings available for sale and also as a platform to share with you my body of work, travels, experiences and the many fascinating projects I have had the pleasure of exploring throughout my career. 

Please browse through the various articles and projects where I share insights into how I work, live and travel. Each of my paintings has a story and I share these stories in the description of each piece. Archived paintings, Explorations as well as Paintings Available for Sale are all listed here for your perusal. I have also included a category marked Personal Collection which features pieces that I have kept private, some my bride would not allow me to sell and some I felt were so particular to me that no one else would want to see them.

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Opportunities for licensing may also be available for many of the paintings. To inquire more please refer to our Licensing page.

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I encourage you to email me…peter@snyder-gallery.com and ask questions or make comments. It is so interesting to hear the many remarks about my work and how my paintings relate to your experience