Winter Harbour, Nova Scotia

My travel sketches are most often about a particular destination that I have visited. Sometimes I go to great lengths to bring my viewer to spots which are from time to time unusual, out of the way, and personal. A particular physical feature may spur my desire to paint. Peggy’s Cove with its signature lighthouse or grain elevators in Saskatchewan bring a focal point to a work. At times, the design of an object such as Big Ben or Talliessen, Frank Lloyd Wright’s summer studio, features in my sketches.

While some of my paintings are inspired by a light effect or a particular activity or subject, this ink and watercolour drawing/painting is based on the play of colour. This small inlet does exist, not far from Halifax, but I am more concerned here with the heat of the reds and ochres against the cool blue of the snow and water. In that aspect, this painting shares some common ground with Helen Frankenthaler’s colour field paintings. I realize that everyone approaches a painting through his/her own doorway, and I would be shocked if this colour idea was the first consideration for the viewer. Although at one point, I thought that I might base a larger, more complex, work on this design, I have never proceeded, but I have not yet fled this vale of tears.