Mid-Morning at the Government Docks

Bermuda, this crescent-shaped island which is really the top of a volcano, is home to an uncountable number of boats. People who live there are right-headed enough to get out on the water whenever possible. It is not unusual for a business appointment to be altered because one or the other of the intended participants is “out on his boat”.

One day in April, almost at the end of a month-long painting holiday in Bermuda, my art dealer there invited us to take a day trip on the water in her eighteen-foot boat. We left the government docks behind the Princess Hotel in Hamilton and proceeded to circumnavigate the island, stopping several times for fuel for the boaters. The combination of bright sun, brisk breezes and water reflections made us more than ready for some cooling shade and several jars of our favourite beverage.

The beauty of Bermuda is renowned, and anyone who has visited the island will remark on the colourful flowers, the pastel painted houses with their waterfall roofs, the hues of the water, and the attractiveness of the steeply terraced landscape (Terraced View). Viewed from the water, those accolades of Bermuda are in spades, which as we all know pay double but are still insufficient.