Deer Ridge

Grateful club members commissioned this fall-version painting of their Club adjacent to the Grand River, in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of those links made possible by the efforts of the principal shown on the green.

Here beside the river on a perfect autumn day, it is hard to believe that there could exist a more wonderful world. I am not a golfer, something to do with co-ordination I think, but I would readily admit that some of the most attractive landscapes cradle this Scottish sport. Strange that these tranquil settings give rise to so much trauma and frustration.

Even when the course is not calm and peaceful, perhaps even the opposite, there is a strange pull exerted on the golfer. Travelling with my brother-in-law and his wife in Ireland, we witness people, my brother-in-law among them, golfing on a day when the wind on this ocean-side course was so strong that gusts wiggled the flags from the holes. Standing at the bar at the Duke (my usual cocktail spot) having a few preprandial wobbly pops, I can quickly assess the success of golfers that day as they either trudge or float through the door.