Over the years I have painted many commissions and so I’ve developed an easy approach to this process. I wish the person for whom I am creating this work to see the painting as it develops so that I can make sure that I am fulfilling their dream.

Commissions divide into four basic categories. I should stress that each commission I consider on its own merits, realizing that there are many factors that make up the pricing. I welcome the opportunity to talk to you about any idea that you might have for a personal painting. Very often the price and the result are directly related to just how good the photographic information is. Although size is a factor in my pricing approach, I look much more closely at complexity and difficulty.

The first category in the thousand dollar range is what I call a sketch/painting. These paintings are full-colour acrylics produced in a watercolour style. Sometimes I use ink as well as acrylic for these pieces. I would consider producing a sketch/painting from travel photographs provided by the customer.

In the second category, a full-fledged acrylic in a larger format is normally a landscape or perhaps a pet subject. The price tag for this group is approximately $5000.

In the third category in the $10,000 range, the painting is more complex, perhaps having a number of figures or animals set in a landscape. I am well known for historical subjects that would fall into this category. Part of the price for something of this type, whether historical or not, is the need for research. This research often involves archival material and hence takes a good deal of time and effort. Portraits normally fall into this price category.

The fourth category in the $15,000 range normally is a complex painting with many figures, animals, buildings and landscape. For a painting this complicated I prefer to paint in a larger format.

I welcome a chance to quote for your personal or corporate custom painting. In all cases reproductions can be made available.