Here are a few of the reviews of our new book which is available at bookstores everywhere.




































I have been commissioned by Tundra Books, a division of McClelland & Stewart to illustrate

Naomi: A year in the Life of a Mennonite Girl, a charming book written by Nan Forler

This is Nan’s second book, her first being Bird Child. As a mother, writer and teacher she brings a personal view to children and their upbringing. 

The model for the character of Naomi is Nan’s daughter. Together we have worked out an unusual approach. I put together a rough sketch of an idea, one for each month, and then Nan photographs her daughter in costume for the actual pose. I think Nan and her daughter are enjoying the process as much as I am.

I am pleased to be able to bring my background and many years of experience in painting the Mennonite community to this project.

Fall 2011 will be the launch of this Christmas item. The editor tells me that it will be a deluxe edition which will be suitable for a place under the Christmas tree.