This is the second year that I have teamed up with Neil Aitchison for this fundraiser for Drayton Entertainment.

Stages 1 through 4

In the first two stages the changes were simply to get a grip on the values or strengths of the colours. As I said at Paintertainment 2012, I wanted to emphasize the quiet of the scene. The leaves are intended to soften the image and add to the tranquility.

Where the deer came from I will never know as that was not part of the idea at the start. I know that I will have to be careful so that the deer does not take over the attention of the viewer. I want to retain the serene concept of quietly waiting, ready for the spring.

Stages 5 through 7

By stage 5 I felt the painting looked too bare, too stark. After all a sugar bush must have many trees. Always keeping in mind the principal idea of the sugar shanty as the star of this piece, I needed to make sure that the pesky deer did not become too important. I said at Paintertainment that I wanted to soften and decorate this view with the leaves from last year. At that point I had absolutely no idea about the deer but I used the leaves to semi-obscure the animal. I hope that this final version is of a sugar shack patiently prepared for spring with just a quiet visit from this deer.