In addition to the art and art licensing aspects of this website, it is also intended as a place where those researching Pete’s body of work can find information.

I want to make it as easy as possible for people to research a painting. In addition to the page for every original painting, this alphabetical list will note if a painting was published in six of Pete’s books.

For the purposes of the chart, Painter’s Harvest is noted as “P”, Picture Maker as “M”, A New Harvest as “N”, Painting Canada as “C”, The Painted Horse as “H” and Painting The Grand River Valley as “G”.

CP,AFL indicates images available as a custom print or other forms of art Licensing.

For additional information, each painting available for licensing on the list will link to the full page dedicated to that image.

  • The finished list will involve more than 1000 entries with internal links. I am compiling this list as I have time to do so and appreciate your patience in this regard.
C694-H Calf Class, ON1515yes
C14Acadian Cross, NB2752yes
G12Acres of Orchard0699yes
M34Across From the Plaza Hotel, NYC 0658yes
G10Across Spring Country2787yes
H83Across The Bridge1480yes
P46Adjusting The Harness (drawing)NAno
N102Afternoon at Killarney Lakes1570ayes
M48Afternoon Outing0461yes
C34Agawa Canyon, ON2761yes
N70Alberta Coal Mine (drawing)NAno
N54Allenview Farm1290yes
N7Almost Back to the Shanty1708yes
C51Along the St. John’s Harbour,NL2084yes
N10Amish Girls Skating1481yes
H49Amish Tractor2417yes
H86Among the Buggies0573yes
N100Ancient Walls202byes
HaAndalucian Team0924yes
C98Anne of Green Gables, PEI2748yes
H27Apple of His Eye1425yes
P17Apple Picking Apples (detail)0339yes
P15Apple Seller0444yes
G19Apple Tree0334yes
H98Arriving and Departing1566ayes
N101Arundel Castle2194yes
C128At Home, AB2674yes
H20At the Farmers’ Inn1644yes
P81At the Ploughing Match0519yes
P105At the Water Pump (detail)0481yes
C15At the Water Pump0481yes
N30Atop the Hay Wagon (plate)0103yes
P47Attaching the Traces (drawing detail)NAno
H98Auction Line Up1566byes
N2Auctioning Some Quilts1485yes
P37Autumn Morning (detail)0505yes
C6Autumn Outing, ONP0077yes
C105Autumn Patterns Near Mai Baie RiverP0796yes
H93Autumn Street, Wellesley0829yes
P39Autumn Sunday (detail)E0561no
H53Autumn Sunlight (detail)1153yes
P69Autumn Sunlight (detail)1153yes
C35Avenue of Birches, ON2687yes
H15Awarding the Ribbon (detail)0163yes
G62Axe and Woodpile2283yes
N11Baby Sitters1539yes
N43Back Lane0698yes
P29Back Lane (drawing, detail)NAno
G2Back Lane Pattern2704yes
P152Backyards, AmsterdamNAno
M22Baden BadenNAno
N33Baking Bread1662yes
M21Barcelona 0886no
N23Barefoot Comfort1475yes
P108Barn Near Sunfish Lake (drawing)NAno
P4Barn Raising0835yes
P12Barn Siding Bee (detail)0449yes
P24Baseball Game0536yes
N7Bathed In Light0475yes
N87 Beach Walk (From A Beach Walk)0345yes
P115Beaver Dam In The GatineauE0091no
N78Beaver Dam, Algonquin Park1433yes
G33Bedding Plants2824yes
M14Before Sunday Lunch0538yes
P37Before Sunday Lunch (detail)0538yes
P77Before Sunday Lunch (detail)0538yes
P36Before Sunday Lunch (detail)0538yes
H54Before The Crop2418yes
H62Before The Rain1908no
N4Before The Work Begins0620yes
H21Beginning of Sommers1864yes
H95Behind The StoreP0690yes
G38Bell Homestead2870yes
P98Bellevue (detail)0438yes
C126Below Castle Mountain,AB2692yes
P157Bermuda View (detail)P0134yes
P149Bermuda’s DoorwayP0031yes
C132Beside The Columbia, BC2675yes
G36Beside The Grand River1403yes
H75Beside The Rail Fence1574yes
H32Beside The TruckP0083no
P91Beside The Well (detail)0479yes
C17Beside The Well0479yes
C61Big Round Bales, Grand Vallee, QC1046yes
C53Blacks Harbour, NB0936yes
G56Blair Mill (A)0607yes
P37Blanketed Horse (drawing)NAno
N6Blanketed Team (drawing)NAno
P101Bleeker’s FerryNN009no
H96Blossoms Along The Fenceline1557Ayes
P141Boat Repairs, Peggy’s Cove (detail)0718yes
P401Boat Repairs, Peggy’s Cove (detail)0718yes
C57Boats at Sooke Harbour, BC2112yes
C84Bobby Cove, NL0058yes
P143Border County, U.K. (drawing)NAno
G4Bordering The Grand Near Winterbourne2074yes
N109Bouquet From a Country Garden0014yes
G47Bowman’s Mill (Sheaves Tower)0716yes
P103Bowman’s Mill ( drawing detail)NAno
P102Bowman’s Mill ( drawing detail)NAno
P117Branches (drawing)NAno
G19Breslau Stream2463yes
C8Bridge At Glen Allen, ON0834yes
G52Bridge Out Of Town0617Byes
P108Bridgeport Mill, ONP0495yes
C5Bridgeport Mill, ONP0495yes
N74Bright Morning at Peggy’s Cove0625byes
C91Bright Morning at Peggy’s Cove0625byes
N106Bugga and the Kids1625no
M31Buggy Ride Near Elmira1263yes
N13Burning Brush1646yes
N87Burst of Light, MenocinoP0871yes
N103By the Shore, County Galway1406yes
M60Cabo San Lucas ChurchP0823yes
G3Caledonia Mill0622byes
C124Calgary, Across The Bow River2662yes
N104Canal Boats0197yes
N98Canal, Chester Area (drawing)NAno
C87Cape Breton Shoreline, NS2382yes
M28Christmas Card I.A.C.Ltd.NAno
P52Carry Wood (study for sculpture)NAno
C110Castle Kilbride, ONP0850yes
C139Cathedral Grove, BC2663yes
C76Cattle Grid, AB0953yes
C76Cattle Near The Mountains, ABP0236yes
H51Changing Methods1924no
P54Character PortraitP0711yes
N25Character Studies DP0864yes
N26Character Studies A (detail)P0861yes
N48Charge, The1420yes
H103Checking The Colt1684yes
P51Checking The Pails (drawing)NAno
N63Cheeseman’s Arrival0809yes
H17Chipping Campden Area1374yes
H43Christmas ShoppersP0872yes
N68Christmas ShoppersP0872yes
P151Church Carving (drawing)NAno
N45Church Cleaning Day0046yes
N97Church Cottage, Shilton, Cotswolds0660yes
N51Church of Our Lady, Guelph0552yes
P154Church Square, Rye, SussexP0110yes
P146Church, France (drawing)P0617yes
P144Churchyard at Ryer, SussexNAno
N95Churchyard, Snowshill2195yes
H59Cleaning The Bush circle designP0159yes
C37Clearwater Lake, Hwy #5, BC0924yes
H74Close View of a Heavy team1567ayes
H81Closing The Gate1291yes
G30Clumps of Colour0050yes
C45Coal Mine at East Coulee, AB0965yes
H22Cochrane Homestead (detail)1448yes
P8Coffee Grinder (drawing)NAno
C13Comfortable Establishment, MB2676yes
P52Coming Home From School (detail)0569yes
N3Coming to the Auction1300yes
M13Conestoga MeetinghouseP0869yes
P11Conestoga MeetinghouseP0869yes
P142Conestogo River,East of Hawkesville1165yes
G22Conestogo River, North of St. Jacobs2593yes
N104Congested Street, ParisP0650yes
N42Conservation Area Farm1804no
C136Construction Start,Vancouver, BC2727yes
G60Contemporary Victorian2546yes
N2Conversation (drawing)NAno
H13Conversation at the Royal Winter FairP0528yes
H60Conversation at the Sleigh1276yes
P92Cook’s TavernNN001no
P89Corduroy RoadNN002no
N82Cottage Life1654yes
P127Cottage Road (detail)0447yes
C121Country Church,MB2732yes
P2Country Mailboxes (detail)1252yes
P76Country Mailboxes1252yes
N84Country Store,South CarolinaP0742yes
P108Country StreamNAno
G40Country Stream Near West Montrose0704yes
H90Courting Buggy Near Linwood1537yes
P125Covered Bridge ( drawing)NAyes
G39Covered Bridge Tapestry2711yes
N36Covered bridge View (drawing)NAno
H94Covered BuggyP0104yes
P119Credit River at Cataract (detail)1308yes
P118Credit River at Cataract (detail)1308yes
H82Crossing the Bridge0872yes
P15Cup of Cold Water0534yes
H99Cutter (drawing)NAno
N12Cutter StudyP0215yes
C75Cypress Hills Farm,AB2664yes
P160Daisy and PetuniaE0093no
H103Dapple Grey (detail)0567yes
P66Dapple Grey (detail)0567yes
G29David Martin’s Farm0312yes
C113Day at the Beach, ON2742yes
P35Day before Thanksgiving (sketch)NAno
H76Day Off1511byes
N21Day’s End (plate design)0105yes
P33Day’s End0105yes
G45Deer Ridge2511yes
H46Delivering Cream1265no
H97Democrat ( drawing)NAno
G19Derelict House, Guelph2220yes
P89Design (drawing)NAno
P67Design for Double Tandem (drawing)NAno
P129Design for Glacial Lake #284(drawing)NAno
N24Dinner at the Barn Raising1758yes
M46Doctor’s Return675yes
N63Doctor’s Return675yes
P143Restaurant DoorP0620yes
C30Dot’s Cafe, AB2648yes
N14Double Date1651yes
C29Doukhobor Mansion, SK2753yes
H74Down the Hill (B)1322yes
H52Down Time2425yes
C93Down to the Harbour, St. Andrews2749yes
P110Downstream ( detail)0544yes
H76Draft Horses at Rest1450yes
C39Drawing-Coal Mine, East Coulee NAno
C59Drawing-La Petite Riviere NAno
C49Drawing-Purdy’s Point, NSNAno
C33Drawing-Road to Communications NAno
C21Drawing-Yale, BCNAno
C3Drawing of Farm and BarnNAno
P63Drawing of Farm BuildingsNAno
P162Drawing of FlowersNAno
P126Drawing on TreesNAno
N15Dressed For Sunday1567yes
H82Dressed For Sunday1567yes
P117Drifting Snow0713yes
P141Dry Dock, Port MaitlandNAyes
P141Dry Dock, Rye, (Blue Boat)P0080yes
C53Drying Fish Near Blacks Harbour0938yes
C19Early Days, Waterloo2661yes
C142Early Morning Vancouver Island0418yes
H54Early Ploughing1795yes
M22East Coast of SpainNAno
N96Edge of BroadwayP0757yes
P162Edge of GardenNAno
C130Edmonton Edifices, AB2719yes
M26Edna at HomeP0836yes
N46Edna at HomeP0836yes
H48Elevator Ride1700yes
N54Elmwood memories1339yes
P107Elora Gorge0530yes
GcoverElora in Autumn2850yes
P107Elora Mill0513yes
C138Empress, Victoria, BC2750yes
H74End of a Winter Day1567Byes
N43End of Harvest0783yes
C11End of the Day, Esquimalt2110yes
G29End of the Garden1514yes
N96English Village Street1660yes
H9Enjoying Their Standardbreds1510yes
N45Entering the Meetinghouse0151yes
N59Erb Kumpf Houseno
C44Evening at Paul’s Creek, ON0085yes
G7Evening Light at Maryhill0145yes
N27Faces of Summer0120no
N26Faces of Winter0126no
H30Fall Fair0763yes
H31Fall Fair Circuit Wellesley0129yes
NFall Fair Circuit Wellesley0129yes
C67Fall Fair, ON0763yes
H85Fall Ploughing (B)2267yes
P13Fall Ploughing (detail)1530yes
G44Fallen Giant2765yes
P120Falls on the Oxtongue (detail)0717yes
H38Family Affair0077yes
N48Family Affair0077yes
N67Family Day1353yes
C71Family Fishing, MB2715yes
P11Farm St. Jacobs Area (drawing)NAno
G28Farm at a Turn in the Road2114yes
G18Farm Buildings, Lisbon1875cyes
P65Farm DogNAno
P12Farm Dog “Tosh”NAno
N38Farm House with Doddy House0850yes
P109Farm in the Valley (detail)1311yes
P58Farm in the Valley (drawing)NAno
C60Farm in the Valley, ON1311yes
C29Farm Machiinery Dealer,SK1057yes
N43Farm Near Winterbourne (drawing)NAno
P3Farmhouse (drawing)NAno
P75Farmhouse (drawing)NAno
C64Farmstead, Charlevoix, QC2457yes
N42Farmyard Pasture1801yes
H87Father and his Sons2236yes
H55Father of Twins1225yes
P121Favourite Fishing Spot (detail)NN014no
P87Feeding SugarE0565no
P11Female Design Portrait StudyP0135no
G28Fence Row Near Elmira2051no
G49Fergus Mill0504yes
P130Fergus Mill (drawing)DSC8505yes
P123Fergus Mill0504yes
P123Fergus Mill (drawing 2)NAno
C96Ferry Harbour, Cape Tormentine2745yes
P139Field Sketch Near Banff Bow BendsP0074yes
P137Field Sketch Mountains BanffP0119yes
P137Field Sketch Near BanffP0062no
C135Figurehead Empress of Japan1652yes
H50Filling the Silo1121yes
N49Final Instructions0074yes
H92Fine Team for a Democrat1563cyes
N61First Proof0500yes
P32Fishing at Boomer Creek0146yes
P114Fishing at Everton, ON0603yes
P111Fishing at Hortop MillDSC8368yes
C50Fishing Cove, NLP0745yes
P33Fishing for Redfin (plate)0100yes
P33Fishing Party0518yes
C51Fishing Shack, North Shore, NSP0808yes
M31Five Horse Hitch0889yes
H84Five Horse Hitch0889yes
H67Fixing the Sleigh2420yes
G32Floral Patterns (B)P0839yes
P145Florence ItalyP0379yes
G32Flowers at Mr. Sach’s0297yes
N108Flowers for Marilyn (drawing)NAno
C68Fond Memories, ON2216yes
N91Foot Bridge, MexicoP0867yes
G44Forgotten Woodpile2790yes
P116Four Horse Hitch (detail)1338yes
P64Four Horse Hitch (detail)1338yes
N22Four Horse Hitch1338yes
H85Four Horses of a Five Horse Team0789yes
HeFree House, Royal Horse SignP0960yes
N108Fresh From the Garden0360yes
P87Fresh From The Oven ( detail)0515yes
P97Friendly Advice (detail)0436yes
N74From Ethier House Wexford Manor1640yes
C102” “1640yes
N90Fruit Market, ArubaP0826yes
H51Full Silos2056yes
H29Future Charger RCMP1426no