This painting sprang from a commission that I did in St. George, Ontario. I was thrilled to see on just one farm, eighty acres of orchard. This farmer has a complicated system of bird boxes that aids in the control of pests. This is certainly better than using a lot of pesticides.

The suite of 11 paintings:

Acres of Orchard (Image #0699)

Row of Blossoms (Image # 0264), Blossoms at St. George (Image # P0052)

Spray of Pink and White (Image # 0263), Orchard Road (Image # 0262)

Fantasy Drive (Image # 0040), Old Apple Tree (Image # 0092)

St. George Area Farm (Image # P0937), View towards the Barn (Image # 0214)

Bee Hive (Image # P0932), Bird Box (Image # P0928)