Throughout the decades of Pete’s artistic career he developed and employed various signature styles.

By going through thousands of catalogued images I have put together a reference showing examples of the various styles with general timeframes noted as to when the signature style was used.

The earliest paintings on the website date from 1961. There are two signature styles used on those paintings. Here are the examples.

Signature from Painting dated 1961
Signature also on Painting from 1961

From the years 1961-1973 there are many examples of Pete signing with the second example: SNYDER all upper case letters.

The earliest example I can find (to date) showing Pete signing with his full name is from his art collage days. in 1965. This may not be the only painting from this era that he signed this way but from my research it is the only one on record from 1965.

Signature from a painting done in art collage 1965

During 1966 Pete continued using the SNYDER style of signature on the majority of his work. I did find one unusual example from that year with a figured S. To date I have only found one example like this.

Unusual example of signature from 1966.

1967 signatures remain mostly SNYDER with a few examples of the stacked Peter Etril Snyder style seen above.

1968 was clearly a time that Pete was experimenting with signature styles. Works from this year seem to varying styles including the stacked style, SNYDER and PES as well as a stacked in box style. see examples below.

PES style of signature used in 1968
Boxed Stacked style signature from 1968 example
Slightly more free form stacked style signature from 1968 painting.

Paintings from 1969 seem to have mostly been signed with the stacked style although there are some examples of the SNYDER, PES and boxed stacked styles. There is also one example from a self portrait he did where he signed Peter Snyder see example below.

Signature from 1969 self portrait.

While there are still a few examples of the SNYDER, PES and Boxed Stacked style signatures on paintings catalogued from 1970-1972 works, most pieces done in this era were signed using the stacked style of signature. Pete also began adding the date below the signature around this time.

The Boxed Stacked style signature does not appear to have been used past 1972.

Catalogued paintings from 1973 show the SNYDER, PES and Stacked styles of signatures.

From 1974 onwards the Stacked style signature is used most often with some showing PES. Although there are some slight variations Pete’s signature seems to remain quite consistent through to the end of his career. I will include a few samples below with dates for reference.

Signature example from 1981
Signature example from 1990
Signature example from 2003
Signature example from 2010

My hope is that this reference is helpful to those interested in learning about Pete’s career. For additional reference, you may also link here to read: Pete’s Biography