KidsAbility — Centre for Child Development, established in 1957, aims to help children and young adults with developmental, physical and communication disabilities. The Centre provides services to children from birth to eighteen years of age. Services may be provided in homes, childcare agencies, schools and community settings.

 For eight years I have been involved with the vital work of this agency. My way of contributing is through paintings and reproductions. Each year I create a new piece exclusive to KidsAbility. Reproductions of these works are donated to the agency.

Erick and Pete with two of our ambassadors, Katie and Keenan Philip Peter, LisaTalbot, Don Kollins at Radiothon



Peter Etril Snyder is a very dear friend of KidsAbility. Peter beautified the lobby of the Centre in Waterloo with a “seasonal cycle” mural following it’s opening in 1995. He then painted two other “countryside” murals on the walls of the Pavilion. Since 1999 Peter has created an annual painting for KidsAbility to help raise awareness of the Kids Can’t Wait Campaign. His paintings reflect the founding decade of KidsAbility and include various landmarks that existed in Waterloo Region in the 1950’s. 

Lisa Talbot, Executive Director, KidsAbility Foundation 



Here are the paintings that I have

painted for KidsAbility. My intention

is to continue this series in the coming








The home of KidsAbility

500 Hallmark Drive

Waterloo, ON  N2K 3P5