Our riverboat, Emerald, a Scenic ship, took us from Budapest to Amsterdam on this 15 day journey. The ash cloud situation caused us to change our plans as we had hoped to go first to England for several days. Instead we spent 4 days in Budapest before we embarked. The unanticipated change worked out well. Budapest turned out to be a delightful old world city that is only now modernizing in the western sense.

As we left from Hungary the weather turned cold and gray but still the experience on this new ship (160 passengers) was delightful. The ship is owned by an Australian company so about 85% of the passengers were Aussies. As anyone knows who has travelled with folks from “down under”, they are fun loving people. Yes, alcohol was involved.

The ports were many as we made our way along the Danube River to the Main River, through the Main canal and on to the Rhine River. The map shows our progress and the many delightful towns at which we stopped. We ended our journey in Amsterdam.