A bit of background … Each year the teachers in the Mennonite/Amish parochial school system have a week of training and refreshing. This is a week long affair and is hosted at two venues as there are so many schoolteachers, almost 100, and travel distance makes a difference to these horse powered folks. I did my demonstration at Smithside School just southwest of Hawkesville. I had 45 teachers at this demonstration. My bit was a one hour long piece that did little more than rough in an idea. Following the presentation, I took the painting home, finishing the piece taking photos at each stage. I then printed out the page entitled Self Serve Flower Stand that you see below to be circulated to the attendees. I was shocked to find out that of that group of 45 women, 12 were amateur artists. This is a good indication of how much more lenient the rules for these groups have become. More information on the painting can be found at Self Serve Flower Stand.