Woodsmen’s Morning Break

Painting Description

Young men, working hard in the bush, gather around the coffee wagon. I was so taken by the camaraderie of these fellows as they joked and teased. What a wonderful view into a world past.

YEAR: 2005    ORIGINAL SIZE: 24″ x 32″    MEDIUM: Acrylic    BASE: Masonite

See also Image #1790 Bush Workers’ Break.

A note about repainting

I have often mentioned that I do make changes to paintings as I endeavour to reach the finish line. There is of course no one to tell me that a painting is finished. I must decide this for myself. On rare occasions I even take paintings that I thought finished and revisit some aspects of a piece making changes that seem to me necessary.

In the example above, the painting on the left that I entitled “Woodsmen’s Coffee Break“, 1999, seemed finished. As I looked at it more in the gallery, I found some things were bothering me. The way that the feet of the men seemed cut off by the woodpile was a problem for me as was the team on the left that I came to feel took too much attention away from the men. The horses on the left along with the trees on the right closed off the view.

Why did I not see these issues in the first place? I try not to be too hard on myself but I do scratch my head, after the fact, about those missteps. On the other hand who is to say that it is done now? This is not the business for someone who craves the “right” answer. They don’t exist in this field.

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